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Unmade On Demand

Some time back Natalie discovered this amazing new London brand/business called Unmade. Unmade is a knit clothing manufacture company with a unique difference: you can customise and order a one-off knit piece of clothing. It sounds simple enough, but when you see it in action it is really quite astonishing.

I have mentioned their studio brand here on the website before. I assume their UMd brand is how they experiment and develop new and innovative ideas in a consumer-facing environment, as well as team up with other visual artists for creative variety. The fact that you can buy and customise a wool jumper or cotton knit t-shirt whose design is based on an algorithm enables the design to keep its integrity, while you get a unique one-off piece. Amazing stuff.

Being an artist/programmer myself, I’m chomping at the bit to design, create and sell my own pieces on their platform. Seeing that they’ve worked with international fashion brand Opening Ceremony means that it’ll probably be fairly common-place soon to order your own customised knit clothing from famous labels, brands and other artists.