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It’s that time of year

Those clear blue skies and shining sun have fooled many of us into thinking it's time to peel of those extra Winter layers and reach for lighter ones. It might be sunny but cold for us Parisians right now, but...

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Accessories, Style

Wearing The Cashmere …

Because you simply haven't seen enough of my pretty little face this week, here is that POP.SIC.ILL cashmere beanie I was telling you about in the previous post. This super soft beanie is made in the Highlands of Scotland and...

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A menswear clothing company run by Scottish graphic designers Nick Ross and David Hamilton. Nick and David met back when the skate scene was big in Inverness (back around 2003, I believe). Since then they have moved on to greater...

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Illustration by <a href="" target="_blank">Iveta Ka</a>

Iveta Ka Illustrations

Another of those chance encounters that comes by way of social media, an invitation that you choose to either accept or decline. When I read the lovely email from Illustrator Iveta asking me if I would shoot her in her...

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