A menswear clothing company run by Scottish graphic designers Nick Ross and David Hamilton. Nick and David met back when the skate scene was big in Inverness (back around 2003, I believe). Since then they have moved on to greater things in their individual design careers, with one half of the duo based in the Highlands of Scotland and the other in Stockholm, Sweden. Somehow they manage to make it work and back in the Winter of 2012 their label POP . SIC . ILL was born.

The label launched on the 12.12.12 with ‘The Twelfth Man‘ inspired by “Scottish culture through the lens of association football” . The collection was photographed by another Highland talent Steven Gallagher and you should certainly check out his stunning “depiction of life in the lower leagues of Scottish Football”  –  an ongoing project

From there they launched their second collection ‘Atlanticism‘ inspired by “transatlantic trade, culture and the ocean itself”. With two collections under their belts the quality and ambition behind this young label is an inspiration.

In my opinion, it seems the duo don’t get enough credit for what they are doing (I have to ask who is doing your PR?) and I for one would like to see that change. Fashion is a tough industry but when you see a label who is producing such thought-out, refined collections, I can’t help but want to support their journey …

So I’m spending Winter (and maybe Summer) in my favourite new (affordable) Trawler Beanie

Everyone who spoke to me at Paris Fashion Week uttered the same three syllables … POP … SIC … ILL

Thanks to Nick & David for the best beanies (the Cashmere is my second) of the Season … makes the French say “oh la la you’re so 90’s comme ça”


Outfit Details

Jacket – W. Armstrong & Son
Jeans – Gina Tricot

Photo Credit

Catherine O’Hara