Raouche, Beirut

It seems that the solace I once found so easily in our blog has become nothing but a long distant memory. I counted a total of 4 blog posts published in 2018, which is much less than half of that of previous years since I started writing on the blog. I cannot tell you exactly what shifted or changed in me, it was a multitude of both external and internal influences that affected me and resulted in a creative block. While my desire to create something of value in the world grew, my creative dreaming in writing and photography came to an absolute halt.

We travelled quite a bit last year, making some beautiful memories and documenting some wonderful travel photographs along the way.  I finally shared some of those images with you here on the blog and a lot more on Instagram. I took small steps back to where I wanted to go with the blog and our brand Riachi Studio, yet somehow something was and is still lackluster. None of this comes naturally to me anymore, perhaps I just feel out of habit and lost my rhythm or perhaps it is something deeper in me.

So, I found myself here again, a new year, a new chapter and burning desires to live, love and create beautiful impressions in the world. With plenty of ideas and inspiration to move forward to my goals and sharing some of my thoughts and feelings for the first time in what feels like an eternity.

Here, the beautiful Raouche Rocks off the west coast of Beirut – a familiar place we visited where I felt like nothing, yet everything had changed. Nostalgic memories flooded back to me from my past and it was here I found the solace I was searching for in Beirut City.