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Without a shadow of a doubt

“I know there is strength in the differences between us. I know there is comfort where we overlap”

Ani Difranco

He is careful to choose his words, he is thoughtful, he is incredibly patient, a truly calm yet an outwardly vibrant and colourful soul.

On the contrary my words are often a stream of unfiltered thoughts, my world is perfectly chaotic, I am impatient, brilliantly frantic, a little slice of extrovert and a bigger slice of introvert.

Yet, our two worlds collided beautifully … our differences build in the support we have for each other, we give each other meaning, we give each other love and best of all we give each other something to look forward to. So, it was without a shadow of a doubt that I took Matt’s hand in marriage just a few weeks ago.

As you may or may not know, we also came together lately to join forces on our blog to talk of our sartorial differences as they collide and overlap. Articles on how we inspire each other and challenge each other to try new things.

So, to speak of a very clear sartorial difference between us: Matt cannot leave the house without grabbing his sunglasses. I on the other hand only ever invested in one pair which rarely last more than a short moment on the bridge of my nose, because YES! I am impatient and I never quite understood how such a foreign accessory could comfortably aid you along with your day as well as looking stylish. But his keen interest in a certain pair of cool new sunglasses got me thinking perhaps I could find a pair that would suit my needs, because yes I seem to have more than a few which is why I perhaps never found the perfect pair. That was until I decided to try these very oversized two-tone Shadow sunglasses chez Céline.

They are the perfect sun/brow shield in my favourite shade of navy blue and tortoise shell and best of all there is no feedback from my face onto the inner lens (insert giggling emoji here).

I found mine by way of online retailer Smart Buy Glasses, which is host to an huge range of cool and more affordable branded eyewear. I was surprised they had what looked like the entire range of Céline’s sunglasses to view online (including a “virtual try-on” feature to help pick that perfect pair), as well as some of the best prices and great live customer service. With summer (hopefully) coming you’ll have a great excuse to explore and find your perfect pair.

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Sunglasses – Céline: Shadow – Blue Havana
Swimsuit – Princesse Tam Tam
Lipstick – Mac (Russian Red)