My Scotland

It was about time I talked about my love for Scotland here on the blog. So I was happy when Jewellery of Scotland contacted me with a few questions about my relationship with Scotland, my favourite place, Scottish creators I love and more, for their latest installment in their My Scotland series.

My favourite place in Scotland is…

It was only just last night that I was reading out loud to my boyfriend, a short story I wanted to share with him, from a book called “My favourite place – a tribute to Scotland’s best-loved places”. The piece was written by Michael Palin, it never fails to bring a tear of joy to my eyes. His story of the overwhelming beauty and strong significance that the Falls of Dochart have had throughout his life fills me with strong nostalgia for Scotland, and his beautiful description of its wild beauty takes my thoughts to my favourite spot.

A magical peaceful place I visited with my family as a child and a place that has stayed with me ever since. Little Garve is located in the Highlands of Scotland just North of Inverness. Once you get off the main road onto a small single track road it will lead you about half a mile down to a magnificent stone arched bridge. It is there that I love to come both in my imagination and whenever I happen to be that far north to enjoy a picnic and a walk through the soft woodland trail which lies beside the enchanting, fast flowing deep russet brown Black Water River.

That’s not to say its beauty can’t be beaten, I mean the borders, central Scotland, the Highlands, and the Islands are all magnificent in their own rights but there is something so idyllic and protected about that beautiful spot at Little Garve, that it will for now and perhaps forever remain my favourite place in Scotland.

Scotland gets under my skin because…

Of its natural and breathtaking scenery, freedom to roam in the most tranquil and far from the madding countryside at the same time breathing in the freshest air, and languishing in the sounds of nature, and the smell of pine forests and the blooming carpets of heather. It’s all just so romantic…

You can read the full article on the Jewellery of Scotland blog and also read more interviews with Scottish designers, passion-pieces on Scottish culture, heritage and fashion, and more. Jewellery of Scotland source and share the finest handmade Scottish jewellery to all corners of the globe. When they’re not hunting down rare bracelets, necklaces and rings from the Orkney Islands, the Jewellery of Scotland team love to connect with the many incredibly creative people who call Scotland home.