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Desula: The Sardinian women whose clothing speaks louder than words

When I stumbled upon this beautifully filmed short about the women of Desula, for a second it stopped me in my tracks. And it’s not the first time I’ve seen a short film I find so beautiful on one of my favourite go-to creative sites: Nowness. So, I thought of no better place to share it with you than here on our blog because sometimes it’s nice to share something a little different from the norm. This is after all a blog about our story and our interests and I feel we should share these beautiful discoveries of other peoples work that we make along the way and the feelings those discoveries evoke in us.

The sentiment of the short film is simply beautiful. It talks about the women in one of the most isolated villages in Sardinia, who still wear one of Europe’s oldest known traditional dress, how the colours and the stitches all carve the history of their lives through their clothing.

I never had another dress.

It followed me in good times and bad.

Red like embers when I got married,  black like coal after I became a widow…

… So it will be as long as I live. But even after you will be able to read thousands of tales through these clothes.

Further than just being a beautiful film capturing old tradition it made me think about our generations buying habits and how I want to continue to make a conscious decision with every purchase I make (no matter how small) and also to perhaps influence some of you to follow suit by sharing more of my feelings on those topics here on this blog platform.

You see, I have a list longer than my arm of blog posts I want to share with you from different photo shoots, events, life stories and travels from over the last two years and for some reason the list keeps getting longer but I never seem to get round to sharing the content I so often plan for. This blog is certainly my biggest passion and my favourite hobby. I find inspiration for blog posts literary everywhere I go and I am always excited to share things with you here and over on my Instagram. The problem is there seems to be a certain block that overwhelms me just before I click “publish”. I am guilty of over thinking it all. The internet is saturated with bloggers sharing their content and their wardrobes but I always want to try and share something a little different to that and I guess somehow I then lack the confidence to actually share my voice or my images here. So here is a small step forward in moving past that block, and sharing something a little different with you.

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