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Saskia de Brauw “The Accidental Fold” Book Launch

Saskia de Brauw officially launched her first book “The Accidental Fold” on the 28th of January at the end of Couture Fashion Week here in Paris. After seeing the beautiful exhibit and touching speech at her exhibition launch in The National Museum of Scotland in 2014, it seemed only relevant to visit her book signing (and thumb-printing!) at the Yvon Lambert Bookstore here in Paris and discover the inside pages of her book which showcase her poetic words and images of collected detritus objects.

“Mostly people know me as a model. Though I did have a life before. Few people know about the works I made in the past but four years ago I started a proper career in fashion and little time was left to dedicate to my art work. My solution was to just start documenting my life and movements in a very direct way. Through writing, photography and a diary. I actually have a very big diary and I shove in all the stuff that I find and I write in it. Actually I even brought a scanner with me, so I had my modeling bag with my modeling book my high heels and a scanner, cause you never know what you might find on the way. It got pretty heavy but I did it … These scanned objects now become what I call the archive of discarded things.”

 Saskia de Brauw July 2014

Yvon Lambert Bookstore Paris

Saskia’s story is unique, her world and works are one in which I am drawn to. I’m sure you have all seen this beautiful, strong, striking androgynous woman in the campaigns she shoots as a model, who since the beginning has been at the top of her game, but to discover her as an artist is like discovering her on a much more personal level. A very different woman from how she is perceived in a campaign image (I assume). There is a certain fragility and gentle kindness in her approach. We can often forget to discover the less commercial side of fashion which is why I am sharing a small part of her story with you, in the hope you discover more about this incredible artist and her collaborative works with her partner Vincent (which should lead me to introduce you to my discovery of his works).

On sharing an incredible home cooked tagine and beautiful conversations at Saskia and Vincent’s home here in Paris with our dear friend Anna back in 2014 I caught the first glimpse into their stunning (real) world of creativity and their modesty on their artistic endeavors. It was almost as though these passions were born in them and perhaps they were. Somehow their efforts seemed effortless from an outsider’s perspective. But then is that what makes them true talented artists? That meeting left such a lasting impression on me. And, at the time left me hungry to discover more of their film, photography and art works… and so I did … and I hope you do too.

Saskia’s website is now a personal presentation of her works as an artist (and not as a model) from both past and present. Her vision of the world and her words will transport you to a different world, or perhaps just show you the real world as it stands.  Some of Vincent’s work is presented on his portfolio site and presented in three categories Stories, Journeys and Film.

I also read last week that Saskia is in talks with a publisher to launch a second book, which will focus on her recent art performance, also documented by Vincent: she walked from the most northern point in Manhattan to the most southern over a 20 hour period and details her encounters with people along the journey.

I urge you to discover them both, but for the moment I will leave you with one beautifully moving collaboration with Haider Ackermann titled  “Steps Away” …

Haider Ackermann “Steps Away” by Vincent van de Wijngaard – NOWNESS from NOWNESS on Vimeo.