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Let me introduce you to Chantalle’s Birk’n’socks combo.

Our conversation first started when I saw the newly retired lady hanging up her washing in the adjacent garden in her pink jersey pencil skirt, think black and white woollen striped socks and her Birkenstocks. I immediately envied her outfit, her glamorous haircut and her freshly painted red nails that matched perfectly with her lipstick. I complimented her directly and asked if I could take her photograph for my Blog and explained that she was “bang on trend” with current fashion. She laughed in disbelief that I liked her outfit, called in to her husband to share the news and posed politely but only permitting her ankles to this post. I’m not sure I got her best angle though as she had to rush off to the hairdressers and beauty salon that afternoon, to fix up what was already a pretty refined look in my opinion. Chantalle has spent nearly all her years living on a farm in the countryside outside Marseille I believe. Now retired, she spends her days between cooking, gardening and enjoying the daily chores at home and adding to a proud collection of colourful thick knitted socks ( I hear she even has ones with ankle pompoms).

This look got me thinking about my own get ups, though I haven’t yet committed to the sandal and sock combo. Perhaps my thinning black cotton socks aren’t something that will compliment my beautiful new tan leather platform sandals, so taking inspiration from the glamorous Chantalle I think I might start with a new pair of woollen socks now that skies are slowly turning towards Autumn.

What do you think about the “Birk’n’socks” look? Is this something you are loving or loathing … do share!

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