On receiving these two products in the post from Kiehl’s last month, my current morning and midnight skin rituals have developed into a religious routine. Gone are the days of waking up with traces of mascara on my crisp white cotton pillowcase. Instead I am now choosing to take care of those imminent crows feet that someone who packed my Kiehl’s goodie bag (after looking at my blog (perhaps not related)) indirectly suggested I might have.

Yes, it’s true, I was a little horrified to find my package of Kiehl’s product samples to contain not one but two miracle products against the signs of ageing skin (crows feet and MARIONETTE LINES (first I’ve heard)). I admit I questioned my Photoshop retouching skills, of course, but then I faced up to the fact that indeed now was the time to try and test these products that might help improve my imminently ageing skin for the better. I guess I should thank the employee that packaged the sample parcel.

IMG_7149Ultra Facial Cream

For the last month before going to bed I have been applying 3 drops of the Midnight Recovery Concentrate (photographed above) into a small amount of the Ultra Facial Cream to my freshly washed face…et voila…off I pop to Bedfordshire. I now wake with deeply moisturized and healthy feeling skin. After my morning shower I reapply the thick creamy Ultra Facial Cream which lasts the day at keeping my skin plump and moist for the whole day. After trying a whole medley of creams for my dry skin I have to admit that these two products are certainly here to stay (and I wasn’t paid to say that) in my daily routine.

In collaboration with Kiehl’s