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“More is more and less is a bore” – Iris Apfel

… was the fantastic quote that popped out of the last (fashion) fortune cookie I had in Paris luxury concept store Tom Greyhound. In some ways I couldn’t agree more and so I held onto that small piece of paper all through Winter in the slub of my wool coat pocket. Reading it now and then whenever my hand would fall upon to it … “words to live by” I thought. And, when accessorising I usually do go bold. So come Summer, over my daily uniform I have been going bold with this fantastic handmade melted copper medallion. Something so simple to throw on that completes my outfits.

Since our Summer holidays and back in the quiet surroundings of Paris we’ve been laughing our way through the first few seasons of Girls and getting our personal work schedule back into some order. It has taken some two weeks organising through something like 50,000 photographs on my Mac, in the hope to share some of those images here on our blog (again, like I always say: more regularly) . It’s incredible how a disorganised computer can bring such disorder to the mind, stall creativity, well in fact stall any kind of progress when on my Mac. I finally feel like I am making headway though, and of course I vow never to let it get in that disorder again … we can only wait and see if that’s true.

For the moment, while I get back to sorting through all these neglected photographs and lost blog posts I will leave you with a short clip from the documentary about the incredible Iris Apfel: something to bookmark and definitely watch.


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Devoured Brass Necklace – Celine (insert eye roll emoticon here)

DVD – Iris Apfel Documentary