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Matt and I met in Paris at Le Café Noir (The Black Coffee) a bar on the corner of Rue Montmartre and Rue d’Argout on our friends’ birthday, 11th September, 2014. Matt tells me he knew right away that I was “the one” … I, on the other hand didn’t think it was possible. Matt, you see, was living in Australia at the time. But fast forward six months,  all that quickly changed and we made it possible to be together in Europe to make a real go of it.

I was so used to being/living alone before we met, often strutting around the city singing “Independent Woman“. No, really I do did that! I was and perhaps still am (I’m sure Matt will vouch for that) very set in my ways and I didn’t really know how I would be able to make space for anyone else in my life. But the right person walking into your life can shake that up and quickly change the way you once thought. Life with Matt is just the most wonderful thing and what’s even more amazing is that he is open to “my world”. He has already helped me realise many of my pipe dreams. He helped to curate and sculpt this beautiful blog into what it is now and is always helping me create fantastic content for us to share with you. Which has meant many new doors and opportunities have opened for us to allow us to continue to share new, exciting content on our blog. And, this is just the beginning of our story …

Some of you might think it’s a bit early to talk about marriage? An optimist will tell you that once you meet your soulmate you will feel it instantly, you will just know. We’ve all heard that beautiful sentiment before – right !? In fact, I always believed it true but I was always so cynical certain I would never meet anyone who would shared our love enough to feel like making such a commitment to one another. That was until I met Matt. So, dear readers, I think it’s time we talk about marriage …

Yes, you guessed it! Matt and I are really happy to announce to you the awesome news that we are getting married this Summer in Paris (just a short walk from where we first met). We actually decided this quite some time ago but it was only till recently since we became excited organising our day did we then talk about sharing it on the blog with you. So, since I’ve always shared my favourite outfits with you, and getting married is certainly the occasion to get dressed up, it seemed only obvious to share special moments leading up to and on our special day together. Which naturally means more personal posts on our She Said | He Said archive.

Picking my dress was something that came relatively easily to me. It was the first I tried on and the idea behind it felt right so I went for it. Well, okay that isn’t strictly true: you all know me better than to believe that … I did have my usual buying commitment dilema behind the purchase but I’ll share more on that later. A few weeks ago we started looking for Matt’s suit together. Which, in hindsight had made me realise that I would have loved to have gone shopping for my dress with Matt’s help. But, it’s too late for those realisations now though. Why don’t more people do that? Ahhh tradition, tradition!? Well, I’m all for mixing things up and doing something a little non-traditional. So, to kick off our search for Matt’s perfect suit we decided to spend the day at La Vallée Village Shopping Outlet where you can shop a selection of last Season’s (a whole year before) collections of selected lux brands.

We were kindly invited as VIP’s for the day by the team at the Shopping Outlet, starting off our journey on the fantastic Shopping Express coach service from central Paris direct to the Shopping Outlet just 30 minutes outside Paris. Our individual She Said | He Said blog posts about our day at La Vallée Village Shopping Outlet are on the way soon. But we first wanted to share a very special piece we found while we were shopping for our wedding looks together.

It was in Céline that we found this incredible handmade porcelain brooch which is made in Limoges, a region of France which is famous for the production of porcelain. I just simply adore how Céline always manage to create beautiful, clean, simple collections which manage to mix art and high fashion so seamlessly together.

We both instantly felt an attachment to the piece, surprisingly Matt more so than myself at the time, that we just had to treat ourselves to this beautiful art/fashion piece that we would forever cherish, share and wear together.

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