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The timeless investment

I recently read an article by way of Leandra at Man Repeller, titled “In defense of the statement coat” which lead me to realise that a) I haven’t written a blog post about my recommended wardrobe essentials in a while and b) I have never officially introduced you to one of my most prized (over-worn) wardrobe possessions.

So … let me introduce you to that ol’ JW Anderson raffia waistcoat, I believe that collection was his best to date. At the time I purchased this, circa 2012, this was my absolute favourite feel-good statement outfit and the absolute truth is, it still is. I know think I may have overdone it a bit with the frequency of wearing it the last few Summers (and Winters) but there is nothing quite like having that truly comfortable go-to piece in your wardrobe that never fails to make a statement and makes you feel like a million bucks.

So, dear daring readers, I would recommend adding a statement piece to your wardrobe essentials list, but that shouldn’t include accessories or shoes (because they have a list of their own and I haven’t even mentioned that Celine bag yet). That statement piece should be something you know you will always wear, even if all your friends are tired of seeing you wear it in the same way.

Which leads me to wonder what new ways I can start wearing my statement outfit this Summer because versatility should certainly be a factor in purchasing a timeless investment piece and ultimately of great quality. It should grow with your evolving style, your new haircuts and changes in your body shape. I must admit my style can be lazy: though I always seem to reach for my jeans, white t-shirt and toss my hair up and stuff it into that incredible Fleet Ilya visor (Iona will vouch for that) to wear with this incredible waistcoat. I am certain I can come up with some new and fun ways to change this look as my style evolves. Any suggestions welcome …

These photographs were taken by Iona Spence on the roof terrace at Harvey Nichols, Edinburgh, where you can wine and dine after a day of shopping and sightseeing in one of my favourite cities.

Before I sign off, I just wanted to mention that I will be talking about making that investment bag-for-life purchase soon but for the moment should you be curious where to find a fantastically priced bag I would recommend taking a look over at Vestiaire Collective.


Outfit Details

Visor – Fleet Ilya
Waistcoat – JW Anderson
Bag – Celine
Boots (you can’t see them) – Grenson

Photo Credit

Iona Spence