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Holiday Magazine – The Scottish Issue

Holiday Season is now in full swing, time to relax put your feet up, enjoy time with your loved ones of course but importantly enjoy little time for yourself.

I love nothing more than to be wrapped under my favourite wool blanket by the fireside drinking tea, reading magazines, my favourite book or catching up on all those blog posts I have saved for you. It really is the time of year I get to enjoy this to the fullest.

So, as I sit at home here in the North of Scotland by the fireside in my new velvet heels sipping tea, writing to you, I wanted to introduce you to Holiday Magazine. The 374th Edition focuses on Scotland through the words of Irvine Welsh, Tristan Garcia, it also features models Isabella Cawdor, Stella Tennant, and Jean Campbell. The cover image and inside pages also showcase Leigh Wells beautiful collages.

Between 1946 and 1977, Holiday was one of the most exciting magazines in the United States. Renowned for its fun layout, its challenging choice of photographers, and the aura of its writers, Holiday was telling about the world like no other magazine. Its strength ? Sending a writer and a photographer to a singular destination, distant or nearby, and asking them to tell from their point of view without constraints of style, objectiveness or length. Nor budgetary limit. At the top of its game, the magazine had more than a million subscribers.

Today, 37 years after, Holiday returns at the instigation of the Atelier Franck Durand. This new Holiday wants to capture the essence, the aesthetic demands and the sense of journalistic adventure of its original version. A mixed magazine, blending fashion and reporting, Holiday remains demanding regarding both pictures and stories.

Holiday is a magazine written in English, but its heart is French. The team who conceives, designs and produces it is based in Paris.

I would highly recommend checking out Holiday Magazine online where you can shop back issues and fantastically hip French (Parisian) merchandise. The magazine is a little larger than a standard size but not to worry they have a tote that is the perfect fit for Holiday. I just love the quality of this magazine, the editorials and the insight into a country through an influential local’s words.