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“The Stories We Tell” with Amanda & Tallulah Harlech


A part of the conversation between mother and daughter Amanda and Tallulah Harlech
(You might want to grab your headphones and turn up the volume for this one)

“Mother and daughter Amanda and Tallulah Harlech – both highly respected in the fashion industry – talk on stage about the stories parents tell their children, stories passed on through  time and the new stories that are told in return. They will speak about the inspiration that stories, poetry and prose have on their work.

Amanda Harlech is a creative consultant and writer and artist with a long association with the couturiers John Galliano and Karl Lagerfeld. Her daughter, Tallulah is a successful model, stylist and actress.”

The event is a collaboration with the Scottish Poetry Library.

The event is sponsored by LS, Scotland’s largest stills and motion production company.

Photograph by Wojtek Kutyla

Photo Credit

Natalie RiachiWojtek Kutyla

Sound Credit

Katarzyna Dragan & Iona Spence

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