Gant Sunglasses

Something I have never owned or ever felt too comfortable wearing. They usually last about 10 minutes on my nose until I decide that the world is a much more exciting vision without those frames obscuring my peripheral vision. That was until only recently when I decided to give them a chance, (perhaps something to do with blogging) convinced that they could perhaps become a nice addition to my Summer wardrobe and disguise those unsightly dark circles around my eyes that are becoming somewhat of a permanent feature.

I bought these sunglasses rather cheap from TK MAXX ( a great place to find affordable designer brands) because I am still questioning if I can commit to investing in a more expensive pair. If that should happen, I have my eyes on a pair of Linda Farrow (with leather legs) or these from Linda Farrow x The Row.


Sunglasses – Gant
Scottish Red Deer Antler – Antiques Shop Drumnadrochit

Photo Credit

Catherine O’Hara