Puddle Dives in Givenchy

I have dreamt of owning and wearing Givenchy the moment I saw the first Riccardo Tisci Couture collection for Givenchy back in 2005. Since then, of course, his collections are my biggest anticipation during Fashion Week, and there is never a moment of disappointment …. Well that’s not entirely true: there is that element of great disappointment that these collections only fill my wish lists and not, in fact, my wardrobe. So you can imagine my excitement last season when I found these exquisite Givenchy heels at 90% off in the Garrice Stock Shop in Paris. It was definitely at that moment I realised it was finally time to buy my first pair of Givenchys.

Indeed, I did get carried away when I tried to pick one photo but had to go for four instead – they are just so beautiful.

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Heels – Givenchy

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Anastasia Nielsen