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Walk with me

“In every human being, there are dormant memories which suddenly rise to the surface of the conscious mind.“

Ossip Zadkine

A space filled with such beauty and personal solace, this blog was once my daily ritual, and that was already a few years ago – perhaps even as long as four. Time passed and I stopped coming here and now the world has changed so definitively. Nothing will ever be the same again. During these unprecedented times I have felt such strong nostalgia for the wonderful travels and experiences from days gone by, as I am sure so many of us have. Luckily so many of my fondest memories have been saved as a snapshot and are all stored on my hard drives amounting to many many thousands of images. In the last year alone, I have experienced the most intense life defining changes, I sometimes dream about writing a book about it all, instead I will come back here and share my photographs, travels and experiences since I’ve been absent.

Please excuse me if my writing is a little rusty or if my blog posts are extremely image heavy. I am finding it almost impossible to edit down some of my photographs since I always manage to find beauty in the details and memories in so many of them. I am just so happy to have such a beautiful platform to showcase these moments (thanks Matt!). I have decided to leave things a little rough around the edges and simply share without focusing too much on polish and precision. Or at least that’s the idea, however putting all that into practice will be a different story.

I had dreamed of sharing these images and posts when the world went into lock-down in March 2020. I thought it might give you all something to feast your eyes on – take you to places you couldn’t go, places you would be dreaming of. As I said, time passed and I found very little time to work on my images or find my words to share with you. As the pandemic continued longer than any of us expected, I have made more space in my day to come back to that foundation, that idea of sharing things here, even if simply for my personal pleasures. Perhaps it will now inspire some of you to plan your own travels, when it is safe to do so.

I have also decided to share public posts for everyone to read but I have also decided to create private, very personal posts aimed at friends and family that will only be available through a private newsletter. I will invite any of you who would like to be included in the private mailing list to share your email address with me by adding your details to the contact form below.