Riachi Studio Cashmere

Over the last 8 months Matt and I have immersed ourselves (like we never have done before) in collaborating and developing our clothing brand into a luxury cashmere knitwear brand that is here to stay. While I have always flirted with the idea of blogging and fashion design, I have never really committed to taking my ideas and creations onto officially showcase them as a business would. Perhaps that is because I have always felt like my status in France was a temporary one or perhaps it is because I never wholeheartedly believed in producing collections that weren’t entirely conscious or sustainable in their approach. Maybe it was a combination of many factors, but here is where that is about to change.

We’ve witnessed the fashion industry change from one that values original designs and quality construction to a fast-paced copy-cat trend-driven race. We hope by having a strong opinionated design voice, high production standards, and supporting a local industry of artisans and experts that we can resonate with conscious consumers who value quality.

We want to contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry that values humans, animals and the environment by not over-producing and by reducing waste through a specialised manufacturing process, as well as educating consumers on how to take care of their cashmere, to extend its wearable life and to be handed down through generations of fashion lovers.

We have been extremely lucky over the last 8 months and have developed our women’s cashmere collection for Autumn/Winter ’18 with some of the best knitting manufacturers in the Scottish borders. An industry that has long since become paramount in my belief to support and showcase on the world’s stage to the best of my abilities.

Our manufacture is located in the heartland of the Scottish knitwear industry and we use 100% pure cashmere, which is also dyed and spun in Scotland. We pride ourselves on supporting a local industry of experts, using the finest materials combined with respectful production techniques that enhances its longevity.

Our cashmere development process in now complete and we are preparing for our lookbook shoot with our team of supportive, creative friends here in Paris. The response to our collection has been a very exciting and positive one and we were accepted and encouraged to showcase our collection at all the trade fairs we applied to here during Paris Fashion Week.

We have since decided to accept one of the offers and showcase our capsule cashmere collection at the prestigious Tranoi showroom at the Carrousel du Louvre. While we are physically ready to show at Tranoi, the entrance fees to the showroom were much over what we had initially predicted.

As a result of that, in the last few days Matt decided to create a online fundraiser to help us reach our goal to showcase at Tranoi. While the very touching, supportive personal messages reached our inboxes and my heart, I decided I too would reach out to you today and ask you to take a moment to read our personal story and consider supporting us too. Any contribution helps, and any contribution also gives us more motivation to power forth and do our best to represent your collective energies.

Thank you for reading this far and thanks for your support. To read more and contribute to our project, please follow this link: