Happy to announce

After enjoying wearing these really luxurious feeling pieces from our Riachi Studio Collection_001 on repeat last Summer, and after so many requests I decided it was about time to finally make them available for you to buy and enjoy this Summer.

Here in our Studio in Paris we have both been working incredibly hard to make all of this possible. We have digitally printed our original designs in collaboration with Nina Warmerdam on a short run of jersey fabric which I have sewn and handmade into a limited selection of your most coveted Riachi Studio pieces.  All of which are now available for you to buy on our beautiful custom designed online shop which Matt has poured his heart and soul into making possible, just the way we visualised it.

This is the real beginning of our brand story, and we will be updating our shop throughout the seasons and adding to our clothing line with a new range of homeware, knitwear and (hopefully!) menswear in the not too distant future. We are really keen to hear your thoughts on our selection and online shop so please do leave a comment below if you have any suggestions or requests.

To say thank you to you for being such dedicated and supportive readers you can now enjoy 10% off the whole collection and free postage and packaging with our discount code RIACHISTUDIOSHOP … I would really love it if you would take a look at our beautiful new pieces in our brand new online shop.

Just to recap, below are a few of my favourites I wore in the heat of Summer 2016 and I will be wearing them all again this year because these pieces were made to last.

Riachi Studio Diamond Double T _ Navy + Teal

Riachi Studio Long Line Jacket _ Black

Riachi Studio Crop T _ Black (only available on the shop as the Riachi Studio Fractal Flower Mosaic Crop T _ Navy + Orange)