Summer Sandals

Acne has done it once again!

These chunky woven leather sandals with their unusual pointed toe and inner wedge managed to bring me everything I had been searching for in a beautifully crafted long lasting Summer sandal with that extra height.

I mentioned a few times here on my blog that I was revolutionizing my wardrobe habits, both old and new. Selling practically everything in my wardrobe that didn’t live up to the label: “statement piece” and making space for those high quality wardrobe essentials I believe everyone should have. All in all, carefully considered purchases I give place for a lifetime in my wardrobe.

This was brought to light and discussed recently by well known fashion blogger Sabrina Meijer and her idea of the 5 piece French Wardrobe. She is committed to only buying 5 wardrobe classics per Season (basics not included).

I too have been trying to live by a similar rule over the last 2 years, with a more realistic purchase of around 5 pieces per year and I’ve never felt better about my wardrobe and I am ever encouraging friends and readers here on my blog to consider this kind of living because it really does pay off.

Where to start ? With the absolute basics …

Firstly, you must deal with your current wardrobe hoarding and you need to be ruthless at this stage. Inviting honest friends over and getting them to help you with this could be a fun way to start. Making piles: To Keep, To Sell and To Donate.

(Websites like Vide-Dressing, Vestiaire Collective and Depop are great places to sell unwanted items)

Secondly, buy (invest) in the basics, that might include t-shirts, shirts and jeans but make sure you are buying the best quality so you don’t have to keep replacing them because they’re worn and torn.

Lastly, make a wish list of those forever classic pieces you feel you need in your wardrobe, set a budget and through time you can make them permanent additions to your wardrobe. (I will be giving an idea of my essential wardrobe classics I feel every woman should own in the next few instalments.)

So to start with let me introduce, my perfect Summer Sandals bought on sale at ACNE, of course.

I hope to discuss where to find great statement pieces at affordable prices, sharing a few more of my purchases and to talk about those pieces that are on my Forever Wishlist. In the meantime, I hope I have inspired a few of you to consider buying more quality than quantity. If you have any thoughts to share with me on this topic please do, I am keen to hear about your shopping habits.

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