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Let’s talk about … H&M Collaborations

Minju Kim, of Antwerp’s Royal Academy, won the H&M Design Award 2013. Her capsule collection of nine pieces and two accessories was launched into H&M stores back in October 2013 (we have all seen I’ve been neglecting the personal style posts of late).

After spotting Tiany Kiriloff wearing the neoprene sweatshirt during Fashion Week in September, I knew I had to take a look at the collection for myself once it hit the stores. Up close the collection was beautiful, artistic and colourful though after trying everything on I just couldn’t commit. Why? There is always something that cheapens the whole shopping experience for me when I step inside an H&M store and once again I wasn’t able to spend my hard earned cash on something from the clothing line so instead, I left with another beautiful accessory just as I did here when the MMM collection launched.

Truth is, the H&M collaboration experience for me is over. I value the quality of pieces far greater than my need to be wearing a limited edition piece, and H&M just doesn’t cut it.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject ? Will you be shopping the next collaboration ? Who do you have your bets on as the next designer who will team up with the Megastore?

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Neck Piece – Minju Kim x H&M

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Catherine O’Hara