Gina! It’s Good to Give Vintage!

When my flatmate Laura at University came home with these wonderful Gina Vintage heels she had just bought in a local charity shop for a mere £4, I was finally glad I was the lucky one who wore a size 3. Gorgeous as they are it’s not surprising they hardly ever leave my feet. When I wasn’t wearing them they would take pride of place displayed on my shelf.

The truth is, I pranced around the house wearing these as my slippers, never quite daring myself to destroy these beautiful soles on the streets, nor had I ever quite figured out how to wear them. That is until Natalie Joos (her Blog has fast become one of my morning-must-reads) inspired me this Paris Fashion Week. Maybe it’s her wonderful smile, enthusiasm and rapport with the Street Style Photographers or maybe it’s how she combines colour and the finest Vintage to every outfit. Maybe she just has it all! So when I saw her pairing lime green ankle socks with navy blue pumps my thoughts went quickly to my Gina shoes that were still on my display shelf next to my collection of magazines, this time in a different city, a different country some six years later, but still officially unworn. So in light of change and embracing new outfit choices I shall be seen wearing these as often as I can, with socks, yes, and maybe that denim A-line skirt I wore as a trendy teenager (it is Vintage after all).

Once again some Care Tips for Leather (just in case you get those heels wet in an unexpected downpour).

Photograph by Anke Buchmann
Photograph by Anke Buchmann


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Heels – Gina London (Vintage)

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Anke Buchmann & Anastasia Nielsen