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The Givenchy Paisley Print-spiration Wish List

Givenchy, Givenchy, Givenchy!

Now try saying that in a Scottish accent (Jih-Vin-Chee). Paisley is near Glasgow after all. (Please note this is my second attempt at writing this blog post after about 45 minutes of writing the last the server crashed and I lost my words which were a little less frantic than these.)

Somewhere between that liberating Spring clean (that took far longer than needed – it seems I have a growing knack for that) and designing a new women’s collection I found the time to create a print-spiration (yes! it was all relative to researching and inspiring my new collection) wish list with all things Givenchy, of course.

If you are asking yourself, “is she planning to wear this outfit as one ? as seen on screen?”. The answer is, Yes. It goes a little something like “more is less, more or less”. I might even throw on this top to complete the outfit. It was a real toss up between these embossed mock weave Givenchy sandals and the ones photographed above. Then, I figured that plastique is fantastique! non?

Oh! If you are wondering where I have been lately. Trust me you’re not the only one. I have been inundated with emails asking me if I have stopped Blogging. So just to clarify, beautiful and exciting new things are evolving my side of town, so for the rest of the week I will be swinging some more of my distorted visuals from Paris Fashion Week your way.

OMG! On other pressing topics is Mochi the new Macaron ?

Or is Macaron still the new Macaron?

In need of any of the items on my wish list? Then follow the links below.

Post Details/Photo Credit

 Jacket – Givenchy
Skirt – Givenchy
Clutch – Givenchy
Necklace – Givenchy
Shoes – Givenchy