In House of Holland Houndstooth

Seems like everywhere you turn there is the constant reminder that Spring has not yet sprung and, No! that Sun ain’t fooling me! As you all know I’ve been adding hints of colour to my dark wardrobe, this perhaps the most daring addition yet, though Spring holds more bold colour choices for your enjoyment. I also hope you are all taking note that I have now officially tried and tested wearing my coat as a cape, sure it looks cool but it is somewhat restrictive and I won’t be fully committing just yet.

This beautiful, double-layered wool jumper can still be found on sale at House of Holland (in blue) along with a few other end-of-the-line pieces from that beautiful collection here.

Outfit Details 

 Coat – All Saints
Jumper – House of Holland
Rings – COS
Jeans – Gina Tricot
Boots – Acne Studios

Photo Credit

Anastasia Nielsen