A Re-edition of my own

As a glorified seamstress fashion designer, friends often ask if I am willing to recreate an old item that they loved to pieces but has seen better days. As I am not a great fan of the unpicking process, I often politely decline. Yet when my cotton All Saints Winter jacket was starting to wear into holes at all its extremities, I was determined that this coat was to see more than just one Winter season. After all it did not come cheap, so after finding the softest wool, stitch unpicker in hand I started over again.

There you have it, a first re-edition of my own, minus a few essentials like …buttons and pockets! What can I say, sometimes I’m a lazy seamstress. I figured at the time I didn’t need pockets since I have such a cozy pair of mittens, but Winter in Paris later did well at proving me wrong. Good thing I now have warmer options for the big freeze.

Outfit Details 

 Coat – My own version of an All Saints
Knit – COS
Rings – COS
Jeans – Gina Tricot
Boots – Rick Owens

Photo Credit

Anastasia Nielsen