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Find your perfect red with MAC

When my friend asked me to be her bridesmaid last September and it was to be my first time as bridesmaid I decided I wanted to try bold new styles with my hair, nails and make-up because let’s face it a special occasion deserves a special look. Those of you who have been following my blog for a while now might remember that I mentioned my daily make-up rituals have gone from minimal to now non-existent. With the increasing amount of time I spend at home doing freelance work I feel much less motivation to put make-up on these days. But for those special occasions I feel it’s wise to invest in long lasting good quality make-up … so here is how after a long search I found my perfect red …

On my way back to Scotland for my friend’s wedding I stopped off at the make-up stores in Amsterdam airport in search of the perfect bold deep matte red lipstick. After trying nearly all the red lipsticks they had there I decided to settle for the brand label MAC. They have a wide range of colours and just the right amount of matte I was looking for. The beauty consultant was there to give me her impartial advice and told me how best to apply lipstick. My boyfriend Matt was there too every step of the way (just another reason for me to swoon) to give his advice on what suited me best when he bought me my very first lipstick.

I think it’s important to try as many tones and styles as you possibly can when it comes to make-up and ask advice on how to apply it before you buy anything. At MAC (and most other good high street make-up retailers) they give you free make-up consultations and allow you to test before you buy. Their website has a good range of beauty videos to help you along the way should you be a novice like me.

I think it is also important to think about the occasion you are wearing your lipstick to and who you are going out with. Ask your boyfriend or girlfriend their advice on what suits you and how they feel about you wearing lipstick because at some point they will end up wearing it too. You should always wear what makes you happy and makes you feel confident but if your other half doesn’t like you wearing lipstick then come to a compromise and don’t banish it from your routine completely.

MAC Russian Red

MAC Ruby Woo lip pencil – your lip pencil of choice should be applied to a moisturized lip. To make your lipstick last a bit longer it is advised that you cover your lips with the lip pencil as the base.

MAC Russian Red lipstick – your lipstick can then be applied to your base of moisturizer and lip pencil. It is advisable to use a flat brush to apply the lipstick on the outer edge to allow a clean defined line and then apply the inner area of your lip straight from the lipstick.

For advice on finding your perfect red to complement your skin tone, lip shape and personality and how to apply it you can view the video below. For all other MAC make-up advice you can follow their youtube channel here.