“Je ne veux désormais collectionner que les moments de bonheur”

A very dear friend of mine sent me this beautiful quote from Stendhal earlier this week and it seemed fitting to share it as the title of my next post, which is a long overdue personal update of sorts. The quote translates into English:

“From now on I only want to collect the moments of happiness”

And, just like that it was clear! Beautiful words to live by …

So what’s new ? Well indeed a great many things have changed over the last few months. Which means it is probably time for an update on what both Matt and I have been up to since we’ve left a few too many blog posts fall into the drafts folder, unpublished, lately.

The New Year has brought a great many active changes and with it many positive things happening in our lives. We are dedicated to traveling more this year, to bring you more of our stunning photographs of our journeys. We are taking as many opportunities to better our path in life by working really really hard and jumping at new chances. And, with Matt always by my side supporting our dreams, it makes the hustle a little more fun.

We are reviving our brand Riachi Studio, which too fell into the “drafts folder” for far too long .

Matt has been working late, pouring all his skills and patience on updating our Riachi Studio website so we can launch our online shopping store within the next few weeks. That means you will finally be able to shop all your favourite pieces from the the very first Riachi Studio Collection_001 which has all been made meticulously by myself here in the studio. We have just added 2 awesome JUKI sewing machines to our studio so we can be sure to bring the best quality to our clothes in a fraction of the time it took with our previous machine. Cha Ching!

Over Summer our Homeware Range will be popping up for sale on our online shop too with cushions, blankets, wallpaper and an exciting ceramics collaboration by Anke Buchmann. This will lead us nicely into next Fall/Winter 2017 when we will launch our second collection, including knitwear for him and for her.

This Summer/Fall we will hire an intern so we can get all the extra help we need to bring you what we love doing best because this time we are here to stay. It would be great to hear from you too on your thoughts about what you would like to see next or if you would like to get involved with our super cool Paris based team …. xox

Outfit Details

T-Shirt — Riachi Studio Crop T
Jeans — Allsaints
Heels — ASOS
Necklace — Céline

Photography by Catherine O’Hara