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Back to Black?

A few friends mentioned several times this week that my posts all show black looks. Who knew? All suggesting I add something brighter and more daring to my blog. Agreed. I decided it was time to sift through the photoshoots I have done so far and post a colourful look to mix things up. Truth is I didn’t find any. There are none, well at least nothing that doesn’t primarily revolve around a base of black. So for a change I’ve gone ‘Back to Black’.

Here in Paris it is the perfect freezing cold day to stay warm indoors and get a little crafty with some of my lovely fabrics and beads. This reminded me that it has been at least a week since my last blog post and time to share my embroidery customisation of bow ties and ties (coming soon). There is certainly something very androgynous about my style and when I decided I wanted to start wearing bow ties and ties this Fall I thought it was a nice touch to turn something quite masculine into a more feminine heavy embellished statement.  So here is the first of a few pieces I made.

Outfit Details 

Shirt – All Saints
Shorts – Riachi Studio
Bow Tie – Riachi Studio
Hat – Vintage
Shoes – Acne Studios

Photo Credit

Iona Spence